Neighbors Helping Neighbors

A good cross-section of the Bluemont Community attended the inaugural meeting of Neighbors Helping Neighbors on March 21, 2019, many of whom are already very active in the area.

There was general agreement that getting together on a regular basis would benefit the community by coordinating and sharing our outreach efforts.

We also added to a list of 501c(3) or 501c(4) organizations we felt positively impact the lives of Bluemonters, directly or indirectly:

  • Bluemont Citizens Association
  • Bluemont United Methodist Church
  • Bluemont Community Center & Advisory Board
  • Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
  • Sanctuary on the Trail
  • Horseshoe Curve Benevolent Society
  • Friends of the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Boulder Crest
  • A Farm Less Ordinary
  • Rebuilding Together
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  • Tree of Life
  • Loudoun Hunger Relief
  • FISH
  • Fire & Rescue Companies
  • VSA

The BCA has committed annually to make available for charitable giving 20% of the profit from every Bluemont Fair.

Each organization will continue to operate independently and identify their areas of giving and share information with each other.

Recognizing that the passion of individual volunteers will be the reason for our collective success, an important step will be compiling a list of people who can be available for special needs like preparing meals, providing transportation to appointments, and companionship.

Some organizations, like Rebuilding Together, offer practical contractor skills for the disadvantaged or elderly to fix things like a leaky roof or plumbing problems, at no cost to the homeowner.  Mark Zalewski, our former BCA President, has been associated with this non-profit for over a decade.

At the next announced meeting of this group, more details will be ironed out, and communication channels established between all these organizations.