Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, February 2, 2022

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Bluemont Citizens Association Meeting Minutes February 2, 2022

Via Zoom


In Attendance: (13) Peter Weeks, John Constant, Henry Plaster, Kevin Hart, John Sullivan, Dave Ewald, Cynthia Morris, Lori Seeley, Bill Bogard, Kate Zurschmeide, Alana Boyajian, Scott and Lisa Seeberger

Meeting called to order: 7:01 PM, Peter Weeks – presiding


President’s Remarks: During the holidays, BCA donated to various local organizations. Thank you notes were received and read from the following recipients:

  • Tree of Life
  • FISH – Clarke County
  • Loudoun Hunger Relief
  • Round Hill Elementary

Several families in Bluemont receive assistance from the three service groups. It is nice to know we were able to help support members of our community in a time of need.

BCA Officer Elections: By unanimous vote, Dave Ewald was elected to the position of BCA

Treasurer for 2022.

Treasurer’s Report: Postponed to March

Standing Committees:

• Bluemont Fair – This year’s theme will be Bluemont’s Draft Horse Farming Era. Press release is out this week and information has been posted on website. Will also be on social media and sent to newspapers. Looking for artists to submit designs for poster and t-shirt contest. Deadline for submission is April 20. See website for more information at

• Bluemont Heritage – First committee meeting for summer museum exhibition will take place after BCA meeting tonight. Committee members to include Peter Weeks, Kevin Hart, Lori Seeley, John Sullivan, Brenda Krieger and Lisa Seeberger. Exhibit will focus on agriculture and farming in Bluemont and Loudoun County – ties into theme of Bluemont Fair. Lee Sisk of Bluemont has generously agreed to donate many items, including tractors. Other potential donors will be contacted over the next few weeks.

The Snickersville Academy walkthrough was completed and the building needs very little maintenance. A small amount of mortar work is needed around the chimney, otherwise past work by Solstice has held up well. Will continue to enhance outdoor grounds area.

Funds were allocated to install native plants and shrubs. Maria Nickland and Anna Billman have taken this on and have also developed a nature trail.

Community Organizations/Events:

• Loudoun Historic Villages Alliance – A meeting was held with Loudoun County and representatives from all 13 Alliance villages. The controversial development of land in St. Louis, which includes a historic black burial site  and wetlands, has been resolved.  Chuck Kuhn of JK Moving Services has purchased the land and will place it in conservation easement. The Aldie Assemblage property has received more bids from friendly buyers. There is no word on whether the Philomont firehouse will expand their existing space or build on the horse show grounds. Bluemont reported on renovations at the E.E. Lake Store and other county issues affecting Bluemont, such as traffic calming.

Redistricting continues in Loudoun. Currently, there are three redistricting plans, two of which would reduce representation in Western Loudoun from two supervisors to one.  Any loss of representation on the BOS would be huge. At some point, the public will be able to weigh in. Will have more information at next meeting.

• Snickersville Turnpike Association – Notifications have been sent to Snickersville Turnpike residents regarding designating the turnpike a Virginia Historic Landmark. A petition for Yellow Schoolhouse Road to remain unpaved received 71 out of 77signatures. VDOT is being pursued at the state level by a member of the county conservation group to receive additional funds for dirt road maintenance.

Old Business:

• Village Planning Commission – Per the county Comprehensive Plan, Loudoun is requesting a “Small Area Plan” to provide information about what Bluemont is, what we want to protect and what we want to see done over next ten years. Will also define geographical boundaries and further define zoning, which will be part of larger zoning rewrite. Volunteers are needed to form commission.

• Bluemont Vineyard/Dirt Farm – Henway Cider has added Bingo from 3-5 PM on Sundays. Peck of Dirt Foundation had a great speaker series with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA. Thank you to all who came out in support. Kate Zurschmeide will be writing an article on Polyface for the next Bluemont Bugle. GCF may also begin carrying Polyface products at their market; possibly turkeys and chickens. Next speaker in the series will be Gabe Brown, infamous for his cover crop “cocktails.”

The Bluemont Community Center’s annual Bluemont Shamrock 5K/10K will be held at GCF on March 12, 2022. Visit for more information.

New Business:

• Lake Store Renovations – Dave Ewald and Peter Weeks met with representatives from Loudoun County to go over the store’s current needs. There are foundation issues that need to be addressed and gaps in windows and doors. The county is committed to making needed repairs and covering all cost. Will require a great deal of skilled labor due to historic nature of the building. Loudoun wanted feedback as to BCA’s goals – bottom line is preserving the store for generations to come with lasting and historically accurate repairs. E.E. Lake is a 120-year-old structure and a center piece in the community.

• Mary Marks had planned to be on the call tonight to let people know the Loudoun Equine Alliance has received a grant and other donations. They will be announcing a livestock plan should there be a fire or other local emergency where animals would need to be taken to a neutral location.


Adjournment: 7:38 PM

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 2, 2022 @ 7:00 PM


Notes by: Lisa Seeberger











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