Welcome to Bluemont!  Other than electricity, most of us are generally on our own for finding services: heating fuel, internet, trash collection, television reception, etc. The following is provided as information only and isn’t intended to be an all-inclusive list.  BCA doesn’t endorse any of the listed providers.

Most residents will receive electricity from Dominion Energy.

Internet connectivity is one of the biggest challenges people have in this area.  As with real estate, location, location, location is going to play a huge factor in what services are available in your specific neighborhood.  In addition to the providers below, the cell phone companies have options available.

Television Reception

There are a few options available for trash collection/removal/disposal.

Looking for a heating fuel supplier, plumber, a good place to eat, the prospect of broadband in our neighborhood, join one of the forums below.  You will need to get validated by an admin to join.  This information is provided for information only.  BCA doesn’t endorse any sites listed below.

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