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Bluemont Volunteer Opportunities

“Wherever you volunteer, the purpose is enjoyment and provide a way to give back to your village!”

(Most of the volunteer listings require less than 2 hours of your time monthly)

Spring 2021 Opportunities

Tree City USA Committee:  Bluemont has been officially designated by the Arbor Day Foundation a “Tree City USA” community.  This committee will implement an annual Arbor Day celebration in April, create a budget for planting trees and tree care, and beautify the Snickersville Academy grounds.

Bluemont Planning Board: Loudoun County has requested its rural historic villages to develop and submit “community plans” outlining goals to address issues like village borders, building design standards, street design, traffic calming, protection of environmental and historic resources, and zoning.  Bill Bogard and Peter Weeks co-chair this committee.

Farmers Market Committee: Volunteers are needed to work with Loudoun Valley Homegrown Markets Coop to make our Sunday Farmers Market at the E.E. Lake Store a vibrant and happening place.  Ideas that have been floated include live music, cooking competitions, adding Wifi and a coffee bar, and increased advertising.

BCA Bookeeper: If you have accounting or bookkeeper experience, the BCA Treasurer position is open to applicants.  Training provided.  Time commitment is a couple hours a week.

Bluemont Adopt-A-Highway Program: Do you hate to see litter on our streets?  Help organize our bi-annual County litter program and feel gratified.

Bluemont Bugle Reporter: Did you ever want to be a big-time newspaper reporter?  Research, interview, and write articles quarterly for the Bugle.

Bluemont Social Services: Do you feel empathy for people less fortunate?  You’re perfect then for assisting the development of the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program.

Bluemont Speakers Series: Do you enjoy learning new things?  Schedule ongoing speakers on topics of interest to Bluemonters.

Bluemont Special Events Coordinator: Event planning skills helpful to oversee local events other than the Bluemont Fair.

Bluemont Fair Volunteer: Get free fair admission and get to know your neighbors while supporting our village’s one fundraiser of the year! It’s always the third weekend in September. Jobs include putting up posters; working at the admissions gate; helping set up, tear down, or work the art show; running the cash register at the Gardener’s Shed or Lake Store; working with kids at the Childrens’ Fair or Stone’s Field; minding the caboose, the Snickersville Academy, or the Plaster Museum; manning the Wine & Beer Garden; helping kids write poetry at the Poetry Tent; and cleaning up after the Fair.

Loudoun County Liaison:  As a founding member of the Loudoun Historic Village Alliance comprised of the 13 unincorporated villages, Bluemont has a seat at the table for all County decisions that will impact the villages, like zoning, historic preservation, conservation easements, village boundaries, etc.

As a representative of Bluemont, assisting the Vice Chair of the Alliance, you will be active in these areas of concern as needed.  Time commitment is 2 hours weekly.

Interested?  Want more information?  Send an email to president@bluemontvillage.org or call and leave a message at 540-554-2367.

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