Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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Bluemont Citizens Association Monthly Meeting Notes

February 3, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

In Attendance: Peter Weeks, Jessica Rice, Caroline Peterson, Barbara Bogard, Bill Bogard, John

Constant, Lori Seeley, Paul Tabler, Kevin Hart, Cynthia Morris, Jen Stone, Henry Plaster, Dave Ewald,

Tim Hall, John Sullivan, Tom Rust, Judy Anderson, Gail Kelly

Meeting Called to Order at 7:00 PM: Peter Weeks, presiding

Special Guests

Bluemont Farmers Market – Jessica Rice, Caroline Peterson

• Jessica Rice is the manager of the Bluemont Farmers Market.

• Local artists are encouraged to apply and participate

• More signage (and permanent signage) suggested

• Music and Food Trucks also suggested

• Dave Ewald will add Farmers Market link to BCA website.

Treasurer’s Report/Budget

Tim Hall – See Attached Report

• Upcoming audit for BCA will be conducted by Tim Hall, Peter Weeks and Lori Seeley

• BCA and Bluemont Heritage Association (BHA) accounts will be separated.

• Income from Lake General Store will pay utilities/expenses and fund BHA activities.

Standing Committees

Bluemont Fair – Cynthia Morris, Jen Stone

• 2021 Theme will be Farmers Market (Vegetable Produce)

• Details for art contest on BCA and Bluemont Fair websites

• Voting will take place second week in April.

• John Constant is looking for someone to help at the gate.

• Art Chair needed

• Still taking orders for Bluemont 2020 Non-Fair Quarantine T-Shirts until Feb. 16th (see

Bluemont Fair Website)

Bluemont Heritage – Peter Weeks, Kevin Hart

• Upcoming exhibition: Education in Bluemont in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

• Committee members: Peter Weeks, Kevin Hart, Lori Seeley, Lisa and Scott Seeberger

• Currently searching for historical information and artifacts

• Opening exhibition might be coordinated with Spring Fling or opening day of Farmers


Community Organizations/Events

• Bill Bogard is participating in zoning rewrite

• Need to establish Bluemont Village boundaries

• Great Country Farms is installing major campsite on top of mountain

Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Tim Hall

• $700 in firewood was distributed to needy neighbors by Sam Meyers.

Snickersville Turnpike Association – Henry Plaster

• Member and current landowner will buy Aldie Historic Manor from county to preserve

Old Business:

• Railroad Street – VDOT will clear drains, possibly replace culvert and improve water flow

New Business:

• Lake General Store – Montessori School is renting space in furnace room for storage.

• Check mailbox for winter issue of the Bluemont Bugle

Adjournment: 7:54 PM

Next Meeting: March 3, 2021 Wednesday 7:00 PM on Zoom

Bluemont Citizens Association

Treasurer’s Report

3 February 2021

 Bank of Clarke County 30 Nov 2020 31 Dec 2020 31 Jan 2021

o Operating Account: $876.30 $7,158.39 $7,003.31

o Money Market Account: $83,396.41 $76,403.12 $76,409.51

o Fair Account: $3,442.05 $3,066.18 $3,066.18

TOTAL $87,714.76 $86,627.69 $86,479.00

Specific expenses and deposits for the current period (Jan 2021) are shown in the attached

Operating Account reconciliation report. There was no activity in the Fair Account and the

only activity in the Money Market account was an interest payment of $6.49.

Two Profit & Loss reports are also included, the first showing all detail for FY 2020, the

second comparing 2020 to 2019.

 Investment Account 30 Nov 2020 31 Dec 2020 2 Feb 2021

o American Balanced Fund: $13,283.66 $13,606.10 $13,737.67

o Income Fund of America: $12,582.92 $12,911.05 $13,088.90

TOTAL $25,866.58 $26,517.15 $26,826.57

Total net initial investment in these accounts: $22,982.00

2020 return: 5.45% YTD return: 1.17% Annualized return since initial investment: 8.72%

 BCA Insurance is handled through Armfield, Harrison, and Thomas (AHT), Leesburg. Our

Management Liability and General Liability policies are current through 13 May 2021. Fair

Insurance was not purchased this in 2020, saving over a thousand dollars.

 I will be invoicing Bluemont Bugle sponsors this month for the upcoming Winter issue.

 It is proposed that all 2020 and future income generated by Lake Store operations be

deposited into the Bluemont Heritage (i.e. Friends of Bluemont) account. This will mean

moving $800 for 2020 (book sales and farm market income). Sales generated at the Lake

Store during and related to the Bluemont Fair will be deposited in the BCA Fair account.

 Peter and I will be conducting an internal audit of our books for fiscal year 2020. We could

use a 3rd person (or more) as witness. We will conduct it online, via Zoom, over a session or

two. Any takers?

 I planned to begin working on 2020 IRS filing (990-EZ) beginning in January 2021 and have

started gathering the necessary documentation.

 We are looking for someone to assume the duties of treasurer in the first half of 2021. So far,

we have received inquiries of interest from one person who is interested in helping, but not

taking on the whole role.

Submitted 3 February 2021 by Tim Hall, BCA Treasurer

Attachments (all PDF files):

(1) Reconciliation detail for Operating Account (0264)

(2) FY 2020 Year-end Profit & Loss detail

(3) Profit & Loss comparison 2020 to 2019

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