Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 4, 2023

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Bluemont Citizens Association Meeting Minutes January 4, 2023

E.E. Lake Store – Second Floor


In Attendance: (11) Peter Weeks, Dave Ewald, John Constant, Kevin Hart, John Sullivan, Tom & Marilyn Rust, Bill Bogard, Kate Zurschmeide, Scott & Lisa Seeberger

Meeting called to order: 7:10 PM, Peter Weeks – presiding


President’s Remarks:

Election of officers for 2023, all positions passed unanimously:

  • President – Peter Weeks
  • Vice President – Lisa Seeberger
  • Secretary – Open position (Lisa S. will remain as interim secretary until March)
  • Treasurer – Dave Ewald

Treasurer’s Report:

During December 2022, the last academic scholarship was awarded for $1,000, Neighbors Helping Neighbors provided $2,400 to local families for Christmas, the Bluemont Bugle was issued for $1,350 and $4,091 was paid to close out the fair books. Revenue from the fair was up $10,770 over 2021, although expenses increased by $17,600. We netted $38,237, which was down $6,860 from 2021 – but all things considered, this was still good.  Other than Bugle sponsorship (which brings in ~ $4,700/yr.), the fair is the village’s main source of revenue. Our investment account was down $700 from November, but the account fluctuated throughout the year. We ended 2022 with ~ $13K more in the bank than in 2021.

Standing Committees:

• Bluemont Fair 

Cynthia Morris was unable to attend tonight, but will be setting up the 2023 fair schedule in the coming weeks. An email will go out to fair committee members once things are finalized. There is a vacancy on the fair committee for a new food chair. Nick Weeks has stepped down and Rachel Wetherill will stay on to help whoever steps up. The position involves managing the food trucks and prepared food vendors, as well as interacting with the VA Dept. of Health. Please let Cynthia or Jen Stone know if you are interested in filling the position.

• Bluemont Heritage 

Thank you to Boulder Crest for donating six tables to BH. We are beginning to get the word out on our new quilting exhibition coming to the Plaster Museum this spring. Various museums in the area, as well as the Waterford Quilters Guild, have committed to supplying us with everything we need. An email will go out soon inviting people to join the museum exhibition committee. Our 2022 year-end fundraising drive brought in a few thousand dollars, which will help offset Heritage expenses. The Lake Store was recently fumigated, however a lone bat reappeared in the ladies restroom. The county will be back to remedy the situation. Snickersville Academy is in need of a few patching repairs with holes in the building. The Bluemont Community Center (BCC) will be celebrating their 100th anniversary in May. Sheri Conrad is looking for people from the community to help plan the day’s events. We are also looking at a potential BCC memorial plaque for the 50th anniversary (Dec. 2024) of the TWA plane crash on the mountain. The village, its residents and the BCC played an important role in the aftermath of the crash. Neighbors on the mountain do not wish to have any memorial placed at the site.

Community Organizations/Events:

• Loudoun Historic Village Alliance 

Residents in Philomont are still working to prevent a massive firehouse from being constructed on their horse show grounds. An expert in the area of fire departments has presented a plan in which the current firehouse could be expanded. This new plan would save tax payers ~ $9M.

• Neighbors Helping Neighbors 

Lauren Stevens will be taking on the responsibility of NHN year-round.

• Community Center/Parks & Recs 

Family Bingo Night will be Jan. 27 from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. The 9th annual Bluemont Shamrock Race will be Saturday, March 18, at 8:00 AM.  The race will begin and end at Great Country Farms, with an after party at Dirt Farm.  Sponsorships and volunteers are needed – contact Sheri Conrad for details. The 100-year anniversary of the BCC will be held in May. We would like to plan a celebration and are working on ideas. We are also hiring summer camp staff (must be graduating or graduated from high school). Preschool registration begins on February 15.

• Snickersville Turnpike Association

There are no real issues to address right now, other than the proposed fire station in Philomont. We will have two signs installed designating the Tnpk. is on the National Register of Historic Places – one near Henry Plaster’s home and one near Aldie. We are also raising awareness of the old stone walls along the Tnpk. and are looking into a research campaign. Our hope is to solicit colleges, and perhaps students, to document the history of the walls. They are an archeological part of the area that needs to be preserved. Our next meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 17.

Old Business:

  • Traffic Calming – Peter spoke with the county and VDOT today in hopes of getting road improvements moving along before the height of the tourist season. As a side note,fiber optic cable is being laid along Snickersville Tnpk. and Segra (the company involved) will see if the Lake Store can be included in the 2023 county budget.
  • Bluemont Planning Committee – Our first meeting of 2023 will be on Tuesday, Jan 10.  This is a multi-year project working with the county on village zoning. We will have many community meetings along the way to allow resident input on what is being proposed.

New Business:

  • Appalachian Trail Community – Round Hill and Hillsboro have joined together in seekingrecognition as an official A.T. Community. With Bears Den in Bluemont, Peter has approached the Appalachian Trail Conservancy to see if our village can also be included.
  • Family Bingo Night – BCC, January 27, 7:00 – 8:30 PM, FREE
  • Bluemont Shamrock 5K/10K – Great County Farms, Saturday, March 18, 8:00 AM
  • 100 Year Anniversary and Dedication of BCC – May (TBD)


Adjournment: 8:15 PM – Happy New Year!

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 01, 2023 @ 7:00 PM


Notes by: Lisa Seeberger

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