Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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 Bluemont Citizens Association Meeting Minutes
January 5, 2022
Via Zoom 


In Attendance: (11) Peter Weeks, John Constant, Tim Hall, John Sullivan, Dave Ewald, Gail Kelly, Kevin Hart, Kate Zurschmeide, Bill Bogard, Scott and Lisa Seeberger 

Meeting called to order: 7:00 PM, Peter Weeks – presiding

President’s Remarks: BCA/Village 2021 Accomplishments (please see attached list) 

Given Covid, it is amazing to see all that was accomplished over the past year, particularly the 51st Bluemont Fair. 

BCA Officer Elections: By unanimous vote, the following individuals were elected as BCA Officers for 2022: 

President – Peter Weeks
Vice President – John Constant
          Secretary – Lisa Seeberger
          Treasurer – TBD (will split position between two individuals, more at February meeting) 

Thank you to Gail Kelly (outgoing secretary) and Tim Hall (outgoing treasurer) for their time and effort serving the BCA. This will be Peter Weeks’ 5th and final year as president. 

Treasurer’s Report: Tim Hall (please see attached report) 

Tim noted he took office 6 years ago and has enjoyed serving as treasurer for the BCA, especially working each year with the Bluemont Fair (which was record setting in 2021, bringing in 90K in revenue and 45K in profit). Tim added many new capabilities to the position via QuickBooks, electronic banking, Square Reader charging for the fair and store, investment accounts and scholarship/charitable giving. He initially discovered a 3-year lapse in the BCA’s 501(c) standing and worked to reinstate exemption status. Much appreciation was shared for all Tim has done over the years for the BCA and Bluemont community. 

Old Business: 

  • VDOT Traffic Calming Meetings – Conversations will continue with VDOT, who will be presenting to Peter Weeks and Bill Bogard options for traffic calming in Bluemont. According to the Loudoun County 2019 Comprehensive Plan, VDOT must now consult with unincorporated villages before taking action. 
  • Village Planning Commission – Peter Weeks and Bill Bogard are taking the lead on this and would like a cross section of the community to join them, including all BCA officers. This is an opportunity for the citizens of Bluemont to tell Loudoun County what they want. In order to proceed with any objectives, 70% of local residents must be in agreement. The commission will be creating a “Small Area Plan” (plan for Bluemont moving forward) and will also be defining the geographical boundaries of Bluemont. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to join. 
  • Bluemont Vineyard/Dirt Farm Event – Much appreciation was given from Kate Zurschmeide as the Bluemont Heritage event proved to be the largest Bluemont Vineyard “Love Local” fundraiser, bringing in a donation of $6,715.09. An additional donation will be made from the Dirt Farm Brewery fundraising event. Many thanks to the Zurschmeide family for all they do for our community. 

Additionally from Kate, the Zurschmeide grandchildren have created a non-profit organization designed to continue farm education. The group is called Peck of Dirt ( and their first fundraising event will be a speaker series. Joel Salatin, founder of Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA, will kick off the series on Saturday, January 29, at the Stable at Bluemont Vineyard. Tickets are on sale now. 

New Business: 

  • Bluemont Heritage Annual meeting – Thursday, January 27, 2022 @ 7:00 PM. Location 

TBD, possible hybrid meeting at Dirt Farm Brewery. 


Adjournment: 7:59 PM 

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 2, 2022 @ 7:00 PM 


Notes by: Lisa Seeberger 







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