Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Bluemont Citizens Association Monthly Meeting Notes January 6, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

In Attendance: Peter Weeks, Barbara Bogard, John Constant, Paul Tabler, Kevin Hart, Sheri Conrad, Cynthia Morris, Jen Stone, Henry Plaster, Dave Ewald, Mary Marks, Tim Hall, John Sullivan, Gail Kelly

Call to Order at 7:00 PM: Peter Weeks, presiding

2020 BCA Accomplishments (See Attached)

Election of BCA Officers

Peter Weeks nominated Tim Hall as Treasurer. Seconded by John Constant. Motion Carried

Peter Weeks nominated Gail Kelly as Secretary. Seconded by John Sullivan. Motion carried.

Peter Weeks nominated John Constant as Vice President. Seconded by Henry Plaster. Motion carried.

Cynthia Morris nominated Peter Weeks as President. Seconded by Gail Kelly. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report/Budget – Tim Hall (see attached report)
Standing Committees:

Bluemont Fair – Cynthia Morris, Jen Stone
Dates and theme will be set soon.
Dave Ewald will be Fair Webmaster.
John Constant looking for someone to help at the gate. Art Chair needed

Bluemont Heritage – Peter, John S, Kevin
Upcoming exhibition: Education in Bluemont in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Currently searching for historical information and artifacts

Community Organizations/Events

Loudoun Historic Villages Alliance – Peter

Bluemont Village is one of 13 unincorporated villages in Loudoun County giving it more say in what happens in the area.


  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Tim
    Donations given to Tree of Life, Loudoun Hunger Relief and FISH of Clarke County Gift Cards given to three families in need during the holidays.
  • Community Center/Parks&Rec – Sheri Conrad
    Bluemont Preschool Programs are running and doing well.
    Bluemont 5K and 10K will be virtual this year. T-Shirts and Medals will be given. Participants will log their time on race website.
  • Snickersville Turnpike Association – Henry Plaster Upcoming meeting on January 19th at 7:00 p.m.Old Business:Lake Store WiFi – John S
    Looking into BitHaulers (possibly trade signage for wifi) Irish Dance Lease – Peter
    Send info. to Jen who will advertise to local residents.

    New Business:

    • Memorial Plaques – PeterTom Clark – for his stewardship at Snickersville AcademyNatalie Evancheck – for her dedication to Bluemont
    • Spring Fling in May? – PeterStay tuned – Might be moved to Fall

Adjournment: Next Meeting:

8:00 PM
February 3, 2021 Wednesday 7:00 PM on Zoom


2020 BLUEMONT CITIZENS ASSOCIATION ACCOMPLISHMENTS ~ Plaster Museum Exhibition: Snickersville & the Civil War 1861-1865

~ Snickersville Academy Grounds: 6 Native Trees Planted/Spring Clean-Up ~ Academy Steward Volunteer: Scott Seeberger
~Tree City USA Application Submitted by Alan Dykstra
~ 51st Bluemont Fair: “I’d rather be at the Bluemont Fair” – T-Shirt Sales

~ Farmers Market completed its 2nd Year
~ Irish Dance Company completed its 1st Year
~ Neighbor Helping Neighbors – Contributions & Charitable Giving
~ Bluemont Fair Scholarships Awarded to 3 local Students
~ Bluemont Bugle Completed its 3rd Season
~ KLB/Adopt-a-Highway Litter Program Spring & Fall Clean-Up
~ Facebook new Manager:
~ Historical Plaques Dedication Ceremony at Lake Store
~ Community News & Announcements by Jen Stone
~ Memorial Tree Plaques installed at BCC
~ Bluemont Heritage Membership Program Started
~ Archival Storage by Kevin Hart/Bluemont Village records Archived by Lisa S. ~ Sonny & Betty Colbert’s memorable 70th Wedding Anniversary Procession!


Bluemont Citizens Association Treasurer’s Report
6 January 2021

 Bank of Clarke County
o Operating Account:

30 Nov 2020 31 Dec 2020 $876.30 $7,158.39 $83,396.41 $76,403.12 $3,442.05 $3,066.18 $87,714.76 $86,627.69

Specific expenses and deposits for the current period (Dec 2020) are shown in reconciliation reports included as attachments to this treasurer’s report.

Two Profit & Loss reports are also included, the first showing all detail for FY 2020, the second comparing 2020 to 2019.

31 Oct 2020 $3,042.60 $83,389.56 $3,583.72 TOTAL $90,015.88

page4image2241134160 page4image2241134448 page4image2241134736

o Money Market Account: o Fair Account:

 Investment Account
o American Balanced Fund:

31 Oct 2020 $12,426.93 $11,613.74

Total net initial investment in these accounts: $22,982.00
YTD return: 5.45% Annualized return since initial investment: 8.47%

  •   BCA Insurance is handled through Armfield, Harrison, and Thomas (AHT), Leesburg. Our Management Liability and General Liability policies are current through 13 May 2021. Fair Insurance was not purchased this year.
  •   Peter and I will be conducting an internal audit of our books for fiscal year 2020. We could use a 3rd person (or more) as witness. We will conduct it online, via Zoom, over a session or two. Any takers?
  •   The IRS sent a letter in October regarding our 2019 IRS 990-EZ tax return, which had been sent on 2 Apr 2020 via priority mail and was received by the IRS on 6 Apr 2020. The letter said our return had not been filed. I called. Nothing to be done except file it again with a form that was included in the letter. I sent the update via priority mail on 30 Oct 2020 which was delivered to Ogden, UT on 3 Nov 2020. To date, no reply from IRS. Hopefully, no news is good news.
  •   I plan to begin working on 2020 IRS filing (990-EZ) beginning in January 2021.
  •   We are looking to transition the treasurer position to a new person in the first half of 2021. ABCA Treasurer Job Description and Posting will be forthcoming soon.Submitted 5 January 2021 by Tim Hall, BCA Treasurer

    Attachments (all PDF files):
    (1) Reconciliation detail for Operating Account (0264)
    (2) Reconciliation detail for Money Market Account (0272) (3) Reconciliation detail for Fair Account (3786)
    (4) FY 2020 Year-end Profit & Loss detail
    (5) Profit & Loss comparison 2020 to 2019

page4image2241329312 page4image2241329600 page4image2241329888

o Income Fund of America:
TOTAL $24,040.67

30 Nov 2020 31 Dec 2020 $13,283.66 $13,606.10 $12,582.92 $12,911.05 $25,866.58 $26,517.15

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