Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, October 12, 2023

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, October 12, 2023

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Bluemont Citizens Association Meeting Minutes October 12, 2023

E.E. Lake Store


In Attendance: (9) Peter Weeks, John Constant, Dave Ewald, Marilyn and Tom Rust,  John Sullivan, Jessica Foglesong, Cynthia Morris, and Bill Bogard

Meeting called to order: 7:00 PM, Peter Weeks – presiding


President’s Remarks:

             Fall issue of the Bugle is coming out soon.  Many A.T. events happening this month at Bears Den.

Treasurer’s Report:

Total balances in the accounts are substantially higher than at the end of August 2023, $151,033.13 vs. $102,172.28.  This is due to the fair revenue.  We still have a number of commercial vendor invoices to pay, as well as making payouts to art show, shed, and bake sale vendors.  Current YTD Return on our investment account is 0.18%.  This is down somewhat for the year.

Standing Committees:

• Bluemont Fair 

Saturday’s attendance was 4,500 (best since 2016).  Total attendance was 5,635 with a rainy Sunday.  ½ price tickets Sunday because of fewer vendors was a friendly PR gesture.  A few mishaps and accidents, but overall a big success, and around $30K in profit pending final bill payments.

• Bluemont Heritage 

Quilt exhibition did break previous record set last year of 632 visitors with 674 people coming thru the turnstiles. As a result. we are getting new members and sales!  New store tenant is a vintage clothing and gift store and while there she has sold several hundred dollars of Fair merchandise.  She will sign a lease contract starting in January, 2024.

• Loudoun Historic Village Alliance  

In October a survey will be delivered to the community to gauge what people in the community feel is important to them so far as the special zoning ordinances for the Village. John Constant spoke strongly that he believed little or no change is needed in the ordinances that would infringe on a person’s property rights.  Public meetings and public education about the ordinances will be forthcoming in 2024.

Community Organizations/Events:

• Snickersville Turnpike Association

New merchandise available Sundays at the Lake Store.  The Turnpike commemoration of being added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 13th at Plaster Field was a success, with Marvin Watts & Gene Scheel the main speakers.

• Appalachian Trail Committee

Community celebration slated for Saturday the 28th from 10am-2:00pm at Beard Den.  Music, food, fun!

Old Business:

  • Local residents selling wares at Lake Store thru end of 2023.

New Business:

  • Route 7 Traffic Study – Peter Weeks & Bill Bogard joined the Planning Board to help make traffic safety changes on Rte. 7 between Purcellville and the Clarke County line, described by attendees as treacherous, dangerous, and speedy.

Adjournment: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 @ 7:00 PM


Notes by: Peter Weeks

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