Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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Bluemont Citizens Association Monthly Meeting Notes

April 7, 2021 (Zoom Meeting)

In Attendance: Peter Weeks, Bill Bogard, Lori Seeley, Paul Tabler, Cynthia Morris, Henry Plaster, Dave Ewald, Tim Hall, John Sullivan, Scott and Lisa Seeberger, Kim Hurst, Nicole Paez-Junkins, Alan Dykstra, Sheri Conrad, Tom Rust, Pete Durand, Jen Stone, Eric Anderson, Rachel Wetherill, Marissa, Gina Capone                

Meeting Called to Order at 7:02 PM: Peter Weeks, presiding

Treasurer’s Report/Budget

Tim Hall – See Attached Report

      • Audit for BCA was completed by Tim Hall, Peter Weeks and Lori Seeley.  No irregularities found
      • Peter is requesting wifi at E.E Lake Store
      • John Sullivan reported wifi will be available to purchase for $5 each day.
      • Tim is requesting purchase of iPad to process credit card payments. 

Standing Committees   

Bluemont Fair – Cynthia Morris, Jen Stone

      • Art work is coming in for the contest (voting will take place April 14th).
      • Social Media Chair – Gina Capone is keeping Facebook page up to date.

Bluemont Heritage – Peter Weeks, Kevin Hart

      • Upcoming exhibition: Education in Bluemont in the 19th and 20th Centuries will open June 6th at the Plaster Museum
      • Special Bluemont Event will occur during June 6th opening in lieu of Spring Fling.
      • While searching for historical information and artifacts, much information has been discovered about former colored schools in the area.
        • The framing of Dr. Reiss’ Veterinary Clinic is originally from the colored school once located on the mountain.
      • Repairs at Snickersville Academy have been completed

Community Organizations/Events

Loudoun Historic Villages Alliance – Peter Weeks, Bill Bogard

      • County Supervisors and VDOT moving forward with the widening of Foggy Bottom bridge without consulting LHVA.

Community Center/Parks & Rec – Sheri Conrad

      • Community Center will be closed May 28th – June 21st to replace floors.  During this time they will be temporarily housed at the Loudoun Valley Community Center.
      • Lunches provided on Monday (and a week’s worth of food given at that time) until May 24th.
      • Camp begins June 28th

Snickersville Turnpike Association – Henry Plaster

      • After two years of working with VDOT, STA is making progress planning improvements for 690 (but only have promises from VDOT for now). 
      • Clayton Hall Road is scheduled to be resurfaced this year.

Old Business:

    • Village Street Lighting – Peter
      • Attempts have been made to get lighting replaced in village.  Dominion Energy reported it is low on priority list.  Contact Peter with lighting concerns and he will contact Dominion Energy.
    • Whitehall/Celebrations Update – Peter
    • Licensing concerns went before Judge who resigned without making a decision. ABC Board will adjudicate and make decision.

New Business:

    • Arbor Day Celebration scheduled for April 30th – Alan Dykstra
      • Question/Answer booth will be set up outside Boulder Crest Retreat
      • 15 trees will be given away
      • Forestry Dept. will come out to designate Bluemont as a Tree City, USA
    • Wander Loudoun Magazine will Feature Bluemont in Spring Issue –

Adjournment: 8:07 PM

Next Meeting: May 5, 2021  Wednesday 7:00 PM on ZoompastedGraphic.png

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