Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Bluemont Citizens Association
Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 3, 2024

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Bluemont Citizens Association Meeting Minutes January 3, 2024

Bluemont Community Center


In Attendance: (13) Peter Weeks, John Constant, Dave Ewald, Cynthia Morris, Jen Stone, Bill, Lisa,, Michele Condon, Daniel Gile, 4 more

Meeting called to order: 7:04 PM, Peter Weeks – presiding


President’s Remarks:

         Officers for 2024 accepted, newly posted Daniel Gile filled the Historic Places Manager, Cynthia Morris was chosen to be a newly appointed Trustee.

Treasurer’s Report:

         $14,000 less in the bank than last year. Investment fund is up $11,000 more than we did a year ago. Overall net about $6000 in the negative. New expenses and less money from the fair. We were down about $9000 from
fair revenue and contributed to the negative.

2023 Re-Cap:

         Appalachian Trail – June 8th is the big Festival

         Arbor Day – Big Success

         Speed Bumps put in

         Historic Ordinances Passed by the County in December

         Most Successful Exhibition to date

        Fox 5 Featured Bluemont on the News

        New Signs

Snickersville Turnpike dedication

Standing Committees:

• Bluemont Fair 

Theme will be chosen at the next meeting. Need a music chair and a Craft Assistant.

• Bluemont Heritage 

Sprucing up the EE Lakes store, Exhibition will be on Native Americans from Loudoun County.

• Appalachian Trail Committee 

Meeting next week before the joint meeting with the other towns.

• Loudoun Historic Village Alliance  

2 year project

• Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Successful Christmas Delivery for families of Bluemont

Community Organizations/Events:

• Snickersville Turnpike Association

New shirts have been made.

• Appalachian Trail Committee

We will be participating in the Trail Days in Hillsboro. It’s a big event now with food trucks and music. We will need to have volunteers to help.

Old Business:

  • Zoning ordinance

New Business:

  • Officers were voted in to run another term.

Adjournment: 8:00 PM

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 7, 2023 @ 7:00 PM


Notes by: Michelle Condon

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